The Cortex by Peter J Maher

The Coalition of Worlds has known peace for hundreds of years and there was no reason to believe any of that would change. Until The Cortex was reborn. A self-generating neural construct that exceeded its basic protocols has reawakened and is looking for revenge. The Cortex is the story of a quest. A love story and a war story on a Galactic scale. It is the story of an ancient nightmare and one girl forced to face her terrible destiny at the edge of the known universe.
The Cortex is the story of ordinary people being forced to confront extraordinary events. It describes a quest to confront the face of evil against all odds. It is a multi-layered and historically rich science fiction story wrapped around a love story and a war story on a Galactic scale. It redefines evil as entity born out of benevolence. A creature of nightmare spawned at the dawn of time reborn and instilled with insidious malevolence and a desire for revenge and retribution.

Set against a backdrop of wide-ranging events the story is reduced to one small group of desperate companions moving through a Galaxy torn apart by a genocidal war. And one girl in particular bound to a seemingly impossible quest she journeys to the very edge of known space to face her destiny.
Although it is a stand alone story, there is an upcoming prequel which deals with the background mythology described in the first book. There will also be a third and final book continuing the story outlined in the first book, though of course all three novels are distinct in their own right and tell different stories set within a familiar universe.

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Peter J Maher is a writer of science fiction novels and creator of the Coalition Book Series currently living in England.

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