Short Stories for busy adults by Emily Benet

 ‘Short Stories for busy adults’ by Emily Benet

This collection includes 10 short stories by the award-winning author Emily Benet which have been either shortlisted, highly commended or performed at a literary event. It offers a variety of genres, mixing comedy and drama. There are characters in love, in denial, insane, in character and one who just can’t make his mind up. 

The stories are short enough to be slipped into a busy day, long enough to offer escape. Dip in wherever you choose and enjoy a different experience with every tale.

The collection includes:

Waterloo – Stage fright at the Diamond Jubilee
Camouflage – When paranoia threatens a good thing
Natural Selection – Hopeless neighbours provoke the wrath of a man struggling with his inner demons 
Conchita & the Mating Pigeons – Conchita spies on a suspicious man during a pigeon infestation
Just a Scratch – A young girl is left to work out her mother’s whispered phone conversations 
Lemon Drizzle Cake – Three flatmates compete for the girl
The Leopard Man – Transformation comes to a woman’s group
Harry – Harry faces a tough decision on New Year’s Eve. 
They’re Shooting a Horror Film in Our Living Room – It’s only acting, isn’t it?
The Repossession – An old man is in need of a superhero when his home is threatened.

Emily Benet’s debut book ‘Shop Girl Diaries’ was commissioned and published by Salt Publishing after they spotted her weekly blog about working in her Mum’s chaotic chandelier shop. Her blog later won the CompletelyNovel Author Blog Awards 2010 (published author category). Her short stories have been published in anthologies and performed at literary events. Short Stories for busy adults is her first short story collection. Emily lives in London, England, with her very patient husband.


2 thoughts on “Short Stories for busy adults by Emily Benet

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