Imperfect Weapon by A B Potts

The universe contains an infinite diversity of sentient life forms. The Sallows intend to rectify this. Genocide is their business, slaughter and mass destruction their entertainment. Constantly engineering and evolving their vast army of androids, they are developing their ultimate Warrior—the Destroyer Series Mark-I (Espion). A blend of blood and machine, this new prototype looks humanoid but is driven by software and programming. It processes data and is ruthless in its pursuits. Trained as a Warrior and programmed as a spy, it will walk amongst the alien species, infiltrate and destroy. There’s just one problem. Their prototype is just a kid—and like any other kid, he’s got a bit of an attitude problem.
    As Kylem reaches adolescence, he begins to question his Sallow masters. From the prisoners onboard the DaerkStar, he is learning about humanity and begins to realise that he’s just a bit too human to be either an android or a Sallow. Suddenly, he is unsure who or what he is, and there’s worse to come.
    The Sallow Empire is at the dawn of a new era, with Sallows plotting against each other for ultimate control over the Empire. Caught up in the conflict, Kylem is oblivious to the role he is to play in their plans and, unbeknownst to them all, the major part he is to play in changing the fortunes of the Empire forever!

eBook: ISBN 978-1-465-92237-3
Paperback: ISBN 978-1-781-76425-1

Born in the 1960’s Ab was considered an academic child but was more likely to be found daydreaming than studying. The daughter of a publican, she was left to her own devices of an evening so the TV played an important part in her childhood. Documentaries, films and dramas alike fuelled her imagination, from ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ to ‘The Man from UNCLE’, ‘Tomorrow’s World’ to James Bond, each only served to encourage her already vivid imagination and enquiring mind.
    “From the age of five, I would go to sleep at night and dream a new adventure. The dreams were always vivid and the stories were wild and wonderful. TV and life experiences fuelled them and perhaps that is why I was never a believer in happy-ever-afters. Even as a child, I questioned that closing sentence at the end of every story. My favourite faerie tale was Cinderella, but I always wondered what happened after the wedding. I just couldn’t accept the concept that they married and that was it; that life went perfectly for them from that day on until their deaths. My mind was plagued by questions like, did they stay happy, did they have children or was she barren? Was Prince Charming really that charming? Did he stay faithful or did he abandon Cinderella for a younger woman? If they had children, were they perfect or did one get in with the wrong crowd and end up with a criminal record? 
      “I was about tens old when I asked my mother some of those questions and told her about my stories. I can’t remember the exact response but I did learn one thing. That, for the time being at least, I should keep such things to myself.”

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