Dirt by S L Dwyer

In 1933 the Great Depression and Dust Bowl brought devastation to thousands of people. For thirteen-year-old Sammy Larkin, it made him an orphan. Refusing to allow the state to take his seven-year-old sister, Birdie and himself from their farm, he decides to do the impossible—live as if his parents were still alive.
Learning to lie and steal, he embarks on an eye-opening fight for survival in the Oklahoma panhandle, finding help in the most unexpected places. The fear of failure overshadows his every decision. Along with a mangy stray dog and new-found friends, he struggles to adapt to the world of adults, discovering the ugly side of life, all the while questioning why his parents left them.
Battling constant dust storms, known as black blizzards, a menacing drifter, and hunger, he fights to get through each day, hoping for a miracle. When circumstances dictate a change in his plans, he has to make a life altering decision.

Author Bio:

I was born in Bridgeport, Conneticutt and raised in south Florida. Currently residing in central Florida after living all over the county. After several different professions (nursing, engineer, and finance director) I found the most satisfaction in writing. Dirt is my first YA book, although it is written with adults in mind. My other two books, If Truth Be Known and For Benny, are adult fiction. I am currently working on my next YA which will be Book 1 of a trilogy.

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