The Dreams Trilogy by Beth Bares

Things aren’t always as they seem…
Being a carrier of the Seventh Power Mark, doesn’t come with as much glitz and glamour as the novels Elizabeth writes. But she is determined to learn the mark’s full potential from some of the most powerful teachers in the immortal world…the Scribes. Unfortunately, they reside at Chateau LeRenoir, which means getting around the Council and the all too protective men in her life.
However, just when she thinks her plan is about to be fulfilled, her intentions are diverted. And when the betrayal of a trusted ally propels her into a web of family secrets, no one including Elizabeth, is ready to face the reality of her life.
Lives are on the line and Elizabeth now has to find her own way out.

Be careful what you wish for…
Elizabeth’s dreams have evolved into daytime visions that are becoming reality. Thinking she is losing her mind, those closest to her, are forced to confess their true identities and that Elizabeth’s unusual birthmark is really the mark of the Seventh Power. She doesn’t know whether to be freaked out or thrilled that her life-long wish has come true.
But when her newest vision clearly displays evil and darkness within the most powerful immortal council, fear takes precedence over all other emotions.
Elizabeth wants to embrace this new world and face whatever danger it may involve. But she is determined to achieve it on her own terms and not those from some century old, egotistical males.

    The Dreams Trilogy – Paranormal Romance

   Dreams of Reality – book 1  
        Reality of Life  – book 2  

        Life of Forever – book 3   (tentative release date, October 2012)

Beth Bares is a 49 year old married, mother with two grown children. She has lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana all of her life.
Never aspiring to be a writer, she was shocked, to discover the exciting new world of writing. During the aftermath of a hurricane, with no electricity and nothing new to read, she began her first novel. It soon turned into a trilogy.
“It has truly been an amazing experience. I hope you enjoy the Dreams Trilogy journey as much as, I enjoyed writing it. And by all means, share your views with me.”


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