Lost in the Snow by Michael.R Beddard

Join in the roller coaster of a ride adventure with field mice: Rachel Jack and Uncle Olivier. Who whilst out exploring the village of Beauty Bank one winters day, become caught up in a snow storm. They take shelter in the village theatre and very soon an exciting and magical adventure unfolds. Hold on to your seats and enjoy this enchanting story.

The book is aimed at the (7+ age group) though parents have also enjoyed reading it along with their children, and some naughty parents are tempted to find out what happens next by turning the pages after their child has drifted off to dreamland.

“Lost in the Snow” is now available in book format.
If you would like to order a copy via PayPal please visit our site:
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Priced at £6.99 + PP.  The story is classed as a crossover adventure (age 7+) and a great idea as a Christmas Gift.
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Michael R. Beddard is the pen-name of Mike Beddard who finds inspiration for his Tales from Beauty Bank series from the places and wildlife of Cheshire, England. Mike was born in Chester on June 16th 1958 and raised in Northwich, where he still resides.

Mike enjoyed very early success as a writer – winning first prize in a secondary school competition with his first-ever poem “The Winter Approach” – but on leaving education, he chose a different career path, initially by joining the staff of Warrington Museum and Art Gallery.
From there, he moved to Weaver Hall Museum, Northwich, which celebrates Cheshire’s ancient salt-mining industry and later spent over 10 years producing and developing educational materials for “Cheshire Libraries and Museums Service” and local schools.

He has a long-standing interest in the arts, literature and theatre, and for many years served as the volunteer sound technician for a local amateur drama group, whose tiny village theatre is the setting for his “Lost in the Snow” story. Mike’s home is on the rural edge of Northwich, overlooking the Dane Valley, Cheshire. He is currently working on further Tales from Beauty Bank.
Lost in the Snow
One Christmas Eve

2 thoughts on “Lost in the Snow by Michael.R Beddard

  1. A fantastic, feel good book for people of any age – not only children! I lent my book to an elderly friend of 91 and she loved it! The illustrations are fantastic and I have been able to purchase A4 size prints to frame. Looking forward to the next book.Marian


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