Colours of Enlightenment (+ two more) by Sandeep Patel

Colours of Enlightenment

Derrick Tarasov loves math and loves to travel. He leads his brothers as a shepherd to keep all necessities of life close to him including afterlife. He despises crime, he follows the will of the just, he fulfils all quotes of worthy scholars and never tries to ridicule the ones he doesn’t understand. His friends bring him comfort, he brings them love. His faith allows him to carve peace on the wood at the base of his Saviour’s feet. He works to bind the cultures around him for the glory of his faith. He travels through time to discover the meaning of colours of light. He travels far and beyond, just to reach home, to travel through time once again.

Imagine a place far from here that is where this story is set. The formulas and terminologies are all from our existence and all are to be placed to the test. On a planet far from our galaxy there lives life and there they live peacefully. The inevitability of all laughs comes to cries, just as we feel there are also cries of joy, this story follows that existence. From a day of simple beliefs of the Adi Granth the land of Sasha and Goman come alive, and are followed in Bani’s spin with a moon and a rock orbiting it. Here people learn to live and they learn to obey as what revolves over them cannot be changed. They wait for their fate to be delivered to them.

A story not for the faint hearted. This non-fiction story is about the turn of a new tide through the past millenniums in the mind of a man named Shankar. Shankar had lost his life across three strikes over three decades of trying to find a relationship with himself and his life of pain and struggle. He had entered the dark with a chance to escape but what he found was that there were a hundred more like him. His escape now was not his own. Shankar asked for the guidance of Christ and this is considered a Christian book. Shankar was new to Christianity he wanted this way of life to release him from the one he was delivered. Christ was to forgive his mistakes and thoughts. Shankar was given the answer to Absolute Truth.

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Biography of Sandeep Patel

Mr. Sandeep Patel has had an extraordinary life. Pulled from either direction Sandeep Patel has been forced to live a life that involved a mixture of two times. His heritage from India had followed him to the modern times in United Kingdom in the years of the 80’s and a difference in family opinion forced him to move again to the United States. Mr. Patel had studied at King’s College London for BDS and further still into life and religion at Southern Wesleyan University for BSc. The most wonderful thing about Sandeep is that we can feel secure with him. He is a pleasure to be with and his work into his writings has filled a hole in my life. Sandeep has worked strongly with many different types of people and has been fortunate to explore the globe for the learning off many people. Mr. Patel is an investor of education at Zen School, India and promoting a simpler but yet stronger sense to relationships with English to that part of the world. These pieces of writing by Mr. Patel are unique to say the least. They are as part of one understanding divided into three opinions. And for Sandeep to write his fourth book would require some explosive creativity. 

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