A Selection by Richard Gentle

Crystal Wand Healing:
Illness and injury have become an accepted part of our lives. However, we can all do more to help ourselves and others gain an improvement in health or achieve complete recovery from illness.
Through experiments with using a Crystal Wand, Richard Gentle takes you on a unique tour of healing.
You will be guided through the process of natural healing, learn how to increase your own healing ability through simple exercises, make your own Crystal Wand, and discover the enormous benefits obtainable through Personal Action Intervention.
How We Perform Negative Miracles:
Every day of our lives we witness amazing things. Some events we perceive as enjoyable and others as simply annoying! All events are recorded but our unconscious feeling and our conscious thought often interpret things differently.
How we Perform Negative Miracles is all about helping people to realise that we have a big say in creating the life we experience. We can actually produce our own positive miracles and it is so simple! This booklet gives you valuable insight into how.

More Than You Think:
Do you know why you are here?
Do you know why physical reality was created?
Do you know why science and spirituality are both right?
Do you know why everyone has a different experience – and why some people have a better experience than others?
Do you know why large numbers of humans could be removed from the planet?
Well – if you want to know, you’d better read this book immediately!

A collection of poems by Richard Gentle. Most were written between 1980 and 1983 and a couple have been composed for this collection.


Quantum Mass Superstructures – creating the world you experience:
What if the world you experience isn’t all that it seems?
What if you literally create the experiences you have?
This may be something that you are already familiar with and for centuries people from many different civilizations have been telling us this very same thing. But, do you really understand or do you just think that you understand?
What is truth? What is real? Can you really change everything?
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Currently, my books are also listed on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and also on iTunes.

Richard Gentle is a writer based in Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.  He has researched and explored the hidden side of life for over 30 years, culminating in a number of books, including: ‘How We Perform Negative Miracles’ and ‘Quantum Mass 


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