Cowboy Temptation by C. Deanne Rowe

Cowboy Temptation Series

After being laid off from her job, Cassandra Conner returns to her family’s farm where she was raised to care for her ailing grandfather, James Conner.  
Colt Matthews, a trusted farmhand of her grandfathers for the past ten years, is the person Cassy has to rely on.  That is until she becomes suspicious of Colt’s actions.

With the help of Lucas Harding, a local EMT, Cassy discovers evidence which makes her believe Colt is responsible for the murder of her grandfather. 
As Cassy’s feelings for Colt grow, she wants to prove him innocent, but the evidence points otherwise.  Trusting fate to prove his innocence, the twists and turns take Colt, Cassy and Lucas in a direction they never dreamed of.

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2 thoughts on “Cowboy Temptation by C. Deanne Rowe

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