Vision by Galen Snowden & Cathy Newcomb

Madi has one wish—to not see demons anymore. In her darkest hour, things are about to get worse—she’s about to get her wish.

Madi sees demons, the very embodiment of the vices that stalk humanity. Gift or curse, it has never done anything good for her—only shown her how ugly the world truly is.

Her visions might have helped the night of Cassi’s accident—maybe she could have seen something, stopped it. But she ran—like always.

Now, with Cassi clinging to life, Madi struggles to keep herself and Vision Records from falling apart. The demons, however, have plans of their own.

Vision is available in paperback and Kindle editions (  For more information, check out and on Facebook at

Bio: Author

 Galen Snowden graduated from CNU with a degree in English. He currently works as a technical writer in Newport News, VA.
Cathy Newcomb has a degree in English and has worked in the field of Public Relations. Currently she runs a daytime program for toddlers and a photography business. She lives in the great Midwest with her husband and two boys. When she is not writing, teaching or taking photos, she loves to kayak and hit the archery range.
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