Words of Spirit by Cheryl Corbin

Words of Spirit (fantasy/romance)

For centuries the Magisters have ruled the land, but their control is slipping as they squander their magic with reckless abandon. They need new Adepts to bolster their ranks and Magister Yamantheru reluctantly sets out to find some.

Evicted from her home, Amaya just wants to get back what she’s lost, but when she accidentally angers a Magister, her life changes forever.

A shortcut through the Tanglewyld becomes a rescue mission when Cabren stumbles across a frightened blind woman being chased by unknown men.

Attraction grows between them as they hide from the Magister searching for her, but when Amaya discovers she has the potential to be a Magister herself, she must choose what she desires most.

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Author bio:  Cheryl Corbin’s first job was picking up golf balls by hand on a driving range in the early–morning hours of summer. To entertain herself, she made up stories in which she saved the world. While she hasn’t managed world salvation yet, she still enjoys making up stories. She lives in Iowa and writes full time with her writing partner, Yuki, a Bichon Frise, though Yuki spends more time sleeping than contributing to the story in progress. 

Cheryl has also released several short stories. 
You can find information about them at www.cherylcorbin.com or chat with Cheryl on Twitter @cherylcorbin.

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