Royal Prince Vince by Heidi Angell

Royal Prince Vince is a coming of age story about a spoiled prince who would throw temper tantrums for no apparent reason. His parents kept giving him things to make him happy, but nothing worked. He was not only making himself miserable, but affecting the whole kingdom. When no one seemed to be able to help, a young peddler woman offered to assist. She took him to live with her and to see how it is not things that make you happy, but the connections you make with others and what you find that you can do for yourself.
A beautiful story teaching against the entitlement attitude that is plaguing our country today and reinforcing the joy that is found from learning to be independent and do for yourself. Every child, young and old, should read this entertaining, yet heartwarming story!

Kindle users can pick it up at For only $1.99
If you would like a physical copy shipped to your home, you can purchase it at:

Author Bio:

Heidi Angell is an avid reader and passionate writer! Royal Prince Vince is her first children’s book and she looks forward to more as her own children inspire her!
She maintains a blog for writers which can be found at and is currently working on several adult
fiction projects. To see more about what Heidi is up to,
check out her professional website at

To contact the author, please e-mail at, call 803-643-7073, check out her Facebook page at Heidi Angell-Author, her twitter page at @HeidiAngell, her Google+ account at Heidi Angell.
For more about what she is up to check out her blog at her website at

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