The Vision Blogger by K T Morrissey

Your most sacred beliefs are about to be ripped to shreds!  In this action-packed first installment of the Seraphim Calls series, 41 year old single mom Sarah Baker inadvertently starts a chain of events that will ultimately reveal the truth about all life to the world.  As the guardians of this realm do their best to keep her and her son from destroying the societal safeguards they’ve put into place to protect people, the stability of society within their own realm starts to crumble.  The Vision Blogger begins the most comprehensive explanation ever offered to questions mankind has struggled with for millennia.
Warning!  Reading this series will cause you to question, if not outright change, your most basic beliefs about where we came from, how we got here, and where we’re headed.  You can’t afford not to read this series!  Seraphim Calls… can you hear them?
The first book in the series, The Vision Blogger, is currently available for purchase at:
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KT Morrissey is a 42 year old American single mom whose heart walks around outside her body in the form of her child.  She’s a Neuroscience and Foreign Language major who has lived and traveled from the East Coast of the United States to the West Coast and beyond.
She loves to travel, especially to the mountains, but feels equally happy just staying home to curl up with a good book.  She’s a true romantic at heart and is ever on the lookout for her true soul mate, no matter in what dimension he may be found, and she loves history, writing, and spending time with family.
She currently divides her time between the Midwest and the East Coast.


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