Tequia Road by Pat Dismukes

Tequila Road, Episode 1 uncoils like a boa constrictor. This is a side of the tropics never before told, an edge of your seat new series about the DuPreys, a Norte Americana mother, her mestizo daughter, and the mad, but brilliant American billionaire who changes their destinies forever. 

A sweeping tale with a cast of international characters and landscapes you cannot forget. 

Tequila Road exposes an intoxicating, sensual side of Paradise, beyond the white sand beaches and emerald green jungle of the Mexican Riviera.

Both dangerous and delicious this epic tale blends all the ingredients of masterful storytelling. 

The DuPreys discover that destiny’s door swings both ways and that good or evil or worse can step across the threshold to change everything.

You are entering Tequila Road, caution is advised. 

Tequila Road, Episode 1 of a 4 episode series, unreels like a movie. Meet the DuPreys, mother and daughter, and the billionaire who changes their destiny. This suspenseful drama and large cast of unforgettable characters jumps off the page. Tequila Road, Episode 1 unfolds on the Mexican Rivera’s splendid beaches and jungle, where profound love and innocence battle dark secrets, lust, and revenge. 


Pat Dismukes
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
Pat Dismukes comes from the battlegrounds of Hollywood. She wrote episodic television scripts and movies of the week, and then went on to become a literary agent. Tequila Road is the culmination of those years writing stories that know when ‘to hold em and when to fold em’. Please visit my Amazon Author Page here: www.amazon.com/author/patdismukes

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