Quick Guide To Federal Jobs by Bianca Gordon

Most people do not understand the process of applying for Federal positions. This guide is intended to give basic information to potential applicants in order to maneuver through the application process. Brief definitions are included to inform the reader of terms required to understand the hiring process, yet still keep the guide short enough to keep your attention.
A sample resume is included to give the reader a basic idea of what a Federal resume should look like in order to be qualified for Federal positions. The author’s intent is to inform and aid the public in understanding the process, and hope to aid some in obtaining jobs.
Author Bio:
Bianca Gordon, currently a Human Resources Specialist, has a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management from Western Governors University. She is currently attending the same University to obtain her Master’s degree in Business. This is the first book she has published, after seeing a need for guidance to applicants for Federal positions. Bianca is a thirteen-year Army veteran. She and her husband, Alan, have two children, and live in Las Vegas, Nevada.
She has spent sixteen years in various Human Resources functions. She joined the United States Army at age 18 as a Human Resources Specialist. After thirteen years, her career turned to the government sector where she has spent most of her time in the recruitment/staffing arena.

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