Fireless the Dragon by Debbie Richardson

Fireless the Dragon is the third book in the Adventures in Scossland series. Prince Tattie Head wants a pet so Princess Haggis Ears and Prince Turnip Nose take their son to the pet shop and they all fall in love with the cute little dragon they find in Dragonarea. But the dragon has a problem and no remedy can be found until…Prince Tattie Head sets out with his dragon to solve the mystery of the smoke spiral on the mountain and they meet the evil goblin again.Find out if Fireless the dragon finds his fire in this enchanting tale of how courage and unselfishness overcome the odds and how good overcomes evil. An uplifting tale in this magical adventure series.

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Author Bio

Debbie Richardson was born in Nigeria in 1961. Her father, who came from Yorkshire, worked as an engineer there for a couple of years. She grew up in various parts of the UK, mainly Edinburgh and Carlisle. Since the age of 20 years old she has lived in Scotland apart from a year spent in France. Her mother, originally from Galashiels, was a teacher for several years and Debbie also worked as a language teacher in Scotland for 21 years, teaching French, Spanish and EFL in High Schools before deciding, in 2011, to pursue her dream of being a full time writer. She currently lives in Fife with one of her sons and their two Labradors. Her favourite online user name is “Labradors and capuccino” as she says her ideal day is a day sitting writing, with her Labradors at her feet and a capuccino at her side. 

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