Various Titles by Betty Jo Schuler

Dare to Dream

Kaitlin Thomas’s best friend Melinda Vest is beautiful with skin the color of coffee ice cream. Tall for eleven, she walks with her shoulders thrown back like she owns the world and plans to become a model. Vanilla, plain, and shy, Kait doesn’t have enough self-confidence to walk down the aisle in her own mother’s wedding. Add an adorable, mod stepsister-to-be, who’s also in the wedding, and the mix gets scarier. A pesky boy, Izzy Bean, taunts Kait into signing up at Star Modeling, where she gains poise. Then she wins a Dream Wedding for her mom and Vic Margola.

When Kaitlin Thomas finally overcomes her shyness, she’s forced to do it in front of the whole world, but her best friend Melinda cheers her on as she finally dares to dream.
“Dare to Dream is full of wonderful characters and scenes that will appeal to a preteen who is full of worry about her appearance. Kaitlin’s wish for curly hair and her conflicting feelings about being a wallflower will make a young reader feel right in tune with the story. Betty Jo Schuler has penned a novel for the middle-grade girl that will help build reading skills as well as self-confidence.” ~ Angie Dobson

Betty Jo Schuler
Laugh, love, and cry with these girls in their teens.  Slip into their lives and experience the ups and downs. If the sun smiles upon a rain shower, a rainbow appears. Without challenges, there would be no triumphs. Without rain, there would be no rainbows. These girls meet challenges with determination and triumph.
What would you do if you were the one meeting these real life challenges?  Your beloved grandmother forgets more than she remembers.  A guy you meet on the internet begs to meet you in person.  An emergency arises while you’re babysitting.  Your parents decide they’re no longer compatible.  The secret to popularity eludes you.  Your best friend starts shoplifting.  You need to prove every girl has a perfect love match.  An anonymous guy kept sending you romantic poems and gifts.  These girls meet challenges with determination and triumph.
Contemporary Anthology 
No Rain, No Rainbows was nominated for Best EPPIES  Anthology .
I feel the author captures the attention of young ladies by the topics in this book, as well as the publisher in the book cover. The front cover makes you want to take a look at the book to see what it is about, and the books chapters spike interest because of the different topics. I recommend this book not only to all pre-teen and teen girls but their parents as well. There is a lot of information as well as wisdom in this fiction book, and it is a great read, too!” ~ Manic Readers, 4 Stars
Author Bio can be found on this blog…read more HERE

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