Parkinson’s, Shaken, not Stirred by Elaine Benton

Elaine’s book “Parkinson’s, shaken, not stirred” is a collection of poems offering support and comfort to fellow sufferers and caregivers, relating to their daily struggles. From personal experience she has written with stark raw honesty and humour, something patients nor doctors rarely get to read which has captured attention world-wide. Elaine has poured her heart and soul into this book, giving a fresh perspective from the patient’s view, which holds a strong message of hope, living a full happy life despite ill health and adversity, whilst raising greater awareness of these two diseases to the general public.


Elaine was born in 1963, England, writing poetry and short stories since she was a child. Diagnosed at the age of five with Gaucher disease; a rare chronic inherited disorder caused by a genetic mutation, for which there is no cure. At the age of 44, she was dealt a second blow being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. As her life began to rapidly change, she began to write poems expressing what so many sufferers were going through but unable to put into words. With the desire to help others in the same situation, a book was born. Feeling she had something unique to offer, she also started  writing a daily blog touching on varied topics all relating to living with chronic disease. Through public speaking Elaine is turning her hardships into something of value and purpose, contributing to society by speaking at various organisations and groups; her aim is to educate and inform. What started off as a book has spiraled into an entire project as she battles each day with determination, great spirit and humour.

12 thoughts on “Parkinson’s, Shaken, not Stirred by Elaine Benton

  1. This is an honest rendition of the author's health problems, told in a down to earth way, using humor. I am sure that she has helped many people, especially those suffering from the debilitating illness, Parkinson's.


  2. Hi Glynis and Elaine – this does sound a very interesting book to read and acquire – which I shall add to my list.We all need to read these books that alert us to diseases, so should we – our friends or family – be caught up in the 'horrors' we can learn a way of dealing with it for ourselves, as well as for the patient, who is struggling through – and for the carers, often overlooked.Eliminate a great deal of the misunderstanding ..Thanks Glynis – great book to promote .. cheers Hilary


  3. I hope you continue to go from strength to strength, and that the support and universal energy you continue to amass, fortifies your own strength and efforts to remain strong and keep the faith.Love R.A.


  4. I have had the pleasure of meeting Elaine last year at a wedding, not only is she beautiful, with film star quality, she also has a beautiful soul.She bears her burden with great fortitude and dignity.An inspiration to all who know her.


  5. Having read Elaine's book, it is amazing that she has written with such humour and honesty that it gives great support to fellow sufferers and caregivers, it gives the reader an in depth understanding of how to live a full life despite suffering with 2 chronic diseases. May you go from strength strength.


  6. What an incredible lady you are! You are talented and gifted and so many people out there can learn from the very special person you are.Your perception of life and understanding of the human being, your empathic expression is far superior to the average higher academic without doubt.Elaine it is a rare and wonderful value you possess, thank G-d it has been recognized, you will definitely be able to heal many others out there.


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