Morgan Koda and the Mask of Noesis by Juls Duncan

NB: This novel is undergoing publisher changes and all relevant info will be updated shortly. Book Two in the series will be showcased on New Book Blogger in the near future.

He’s The Dark Emir. He’s deadly and he’s out there waiting for her.
Thirteen years old Morgan Koda has never had an adventure in her life until she hands her letter to a fabled old man. This mythical man leads her into a new world full of adventure, where magic is typical, and danger is the norm.
Discovering there’s an ominous object, a golden mask that has the capability of controlling or destroying a wizard’s power – is one thing. Being hunted because she’s the last in her line with the ability to control it, is quite another. For within the shadows of her new home a horrifying opponent prowls and The Dark Emir will stop at nothing to control her abilities with the aureate mask.
With the prospect of success Morgan travels through time in pursuit of the ancient artifact. Running afoul of a T-rex, a crazed band of war painted natives, and coming across a talking polar bear might seem a little strange. But to Morgan it’s all about the balance of power.
However, Morgan Koda unintentionally alters her own time-line and that of her world.
Author’s Biography
Juls Duncan lives in Montana with her husband, step-son, and a yellow lab named Sonny JR. She has always felt the need to tell a story, whether it was a bedtime story or a short story given as a Christmas presents to family and friends. Her education includes a Bachelors degree in anthropology from Oregon State University. Juls is continuing her education with a Masters degree, and then a PhD in anthropology from University of Montana.
How Morgan Koda came to be:
The character Morgan Koda started more than twenty five years ago as a bedtime story for Juls’s young daughter. Her daughter learned that only in a book could she go to different worlds where she could be a hero. Juls’s daughter is now in her thirties and is a devoted reader to her own young readers.
In 2006 Juls remarried and her new husband came with a six year old son. And Morgan Koda came alive again as she had before – in a bed time story.
But this child was different. He wanted to add something new to the story every night. So Morgan Koda grew as Juls’s new son did.
            When Juls’s step-son reached seven years old, he told her that he didn’t need to learn to read, because reading wasn’t fun nor was it important. So Jul’s started writing down Morgan’s story.
The one story he enjoyed more than any other. Juls however, was a little resourceful, at night when her step-son wanted his bedtime story, Jul’s would read up to a really good part, and then she’d hand him the paper. Though tears, fits, and just plan angry outbursts, he learned to read.
            In June of 2010, Juls was arranging her files, and to her great surprise, she found that she had over a hundred pages written of Morgan’s story. And just four months later, Morgan Koda and the Mask of Noesis was born, where as, Morgan Koda’s Adventures is now in its fourth book of the Series

6 thoughts on “Morgan Koda and the Mask of Noesis by Juls Duncan

  1. Morgan Koda and the Mask of Noesis is an enjoyable read, rich with creativity and intrigue. It is a captivating story full of magic, along the lines of a Harry Potter novel, but with the author's own brilliant and engaging creative touches. Scenes of time travel introduce such terrifying creatures as dinosaurs and Indians, deepening the story well beyond the Potter experience.The story is packed with action from the opening page that quickly leads Morgan down a path to discovering her magical talents while battling against a force that threatens the very world in which she lives. She sets out on a quest to find the mask that holds the fate of the future, accompanied by three loyal friends and one talking dog. The characters are well developed and believable. Many furry friends are introduced along the way, adding depth and warmth to a story that any child or adult would love.It is mysterious, wonderous, and heartwarming as well. I would highly recommend it!


  2. Lisa,Thanks for the wonderful review. I love it when readers leave a comment. Please everyone who has read book one, let other readers know how you felt about it.Juls Duncan


  3. New Alert!!!!Morgan Koda Adventures Series has a new Blog: and Website: stop by and check it out, we have new news, and details that you won't want to miss. We also invite you to join out site, so you will stay on top of all the upcoming news on book release dates, and other news.We look forward to see you there.Morgan, Juls, and Sonny


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