Red Magic by Juliette Waldron

Red-headed Caterina von Velsen, a tomboy and superb horsewoman, detests her older sister’s husband-to-be.  Christoph von Hagen is handsome and brave, but he is also a Casanova, a man with a reputation that stretches from his mountain manor all the way to Vienna.  When Caterina’s older sister dies in a riding accident only a week before her wedding, Caterina is forced to take her place. She now belongs to a man she firmly believes to be “a cold-hearted rake.”
There proves to be magic in Christoph’s lonely mountain home, as well as in the locket Caterina’s aunt gave her long ago.  Misunderstandings and preconceptions block the path to true love, as well as the strange attraction she feels toward her husband’s magnetic, foreign born horse master. Set in 18th Century Germany, RED MAGIC tells the story of a young woman’s transition from rebellious girl to adored–and adoring–wife, with plenty of action/adventure along the way. 

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Author bio:
Juliet has spent the last twenty-five years researching and writing, ever since reaching the Grandma Zone. She has a husband, two sons, and three granddaughters. She loves cats, trees, Tolkien, gardening and walking in wild places. Her novel Mozart’s Wife won the 1st Independent e-Book Award, while her Genesee won an EPIC award for Best Historical and received 5 stars from Romantic Times.  Red Magic, Caterina’s story, was written a long time ago. After the first few chapters, just like the heroine, she refused to follow her outline.

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