From the Rafters by Lynne Tommy LLC

This story will take you to a small town in the mountains of Vermont as you read about a young woman who in life was just an ordinary farm girl known by the name of Emily. She not only struggled to survive the harsh life of the 1800s, but also the strict religious hand of her father. 

Her only wish was to meet the man of her dreams and leave the farm behind. Emily does finally escape only to have her spirit trapped on a covered bridge. 

Since her death in 1849, Emily’s spirit has gained notoriety in this now popular ski town for haunting the place of her demise. Wronged in life, Emily is said to take revenge upon those who dare cross her path. From the stories of long ago until present day, people fear her and the unknown that lay a wait in the dark on the covered bride.

Join a young couple when they challenge her urban legend by making a visit to the bridge at night. Photographs are taken and an image of Emily is discovered. Why did she appear to them and what does she want?

Once smitten with the photograph, they cannot dismiss her. Thinking she must need their help to set her free, the young couple pursues the quest. It takes them on an unbelievable journey as they battle with the afterlife in their efforts to try to help Emily. Experience every twist and turns imaginable as the couple enters the world of the supernatural. 

Walk with them on the darkest of nights and learn that the urban legend of Emily is much more than a legend, she does exist! See amazing photographs of Emily and share in their fear as they photograph and interact with the paranormal of the afterlife. 
After reading this story, it will change forever the way you look at life and the world we live in.

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About the authors:

Lynne was raised in a very spiritual family and therefore drawn to the spirit world as it is drawn to her. Some of her most important interests are those that pertain to the supernatural world. She is an avid reader and devoted writer, especially on topics dealing with the afterlife.

Tommy on the other hand was truly a doubting Thomas when it came to the afterlife. Being somewhat more worldly and well-traveled, he needed to experience and see firsthand before becoming a believer.

Out of curiosity they ventured into the world of the afterlife and supernatural. Once the journey began, it was their interactions with the paranormal which motivated them to continue. As more and more was documented in photographs and personal experiences, Tommy became a believer and Lynne’s spiritual beliefs became stronger.

Their book ‘From the Rafters’ was written in answer to those who hold doubts as well as for those who have ever wondered… is there really a spirit world.


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