UnEarthed by Rebecca Bloomer

If you’re going to colonise a planet, you’d better be willing to fight for it. 
Within Anphobos, there grows a new race.  The first generation of humans never to set foot on Earth.  They are pale skinned, large eyed and worship no god but science.  They possess technological skills and processes Earth has refused to acknowledge.  Until now…
“We are Martian.  The first humans never to have set foot on Earth.  Your religion isn’t ours. Our god is Mars.  Our religion is science.  Anything we do in the service of Mars, is good.  Make no mistake, Earth girl, we are both right and good.”
Fresh off Earth, Jodi Scarfield doesn’t really care for Mars or its politics.  Still,  accusations of treason will get a girl’s attention…

Rebecca Bloomer is a Brisbane-based adventuress with a keen interest in…everything!  Rebecca’s favourite writing aids are:
·         long walks (often in someone else’s shoes)
·         big dreams (day, night and especially in meetings)
·          a decent sense of humour (her own or someone else’s, it doesn’t make too much difference)
·         curiosity (ever wondered why cats look so smug?)
·         observation skills (thus the contact lenses)
·         quiet determination (the loud kind causes headaches)
Rebecca also has her own website on which you can find out more about her and where to purchase her books: www.bloowillbooks.com

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