Summer Magic by Sydell Voeller

Summer Magic, by Sydell Voeller

 When her fiance’ calls off their engagement, veterinarian assistant Lisa Prentice joins the circus in hopes of escaping the everyday grind. But life under the big top isn’t quite what she expected. None of the veterinarian’s former assistants managed to please their short-tempered boss, and Lisa fears that her days are numbered, too. 


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Author Bio:  

Sydell Voeller grew up in Washington State, but has lived in Oregon for over thirty years.  Throughout her twenty-year writing career, her published novels for teens and adults have reflected her love for the Pacific Northwest’s ocean beaches, inlets and waterways, evergreen forests, and mountains. Sydell resides in Oregon with her husband. They married in 1971 and have two sons.

Pet lovers, the Voellers have provided a home for several cats, a dog, gerbils, hamsters, and a turtle–but not all at the same time! A small rodent cemetery still occupies one corner of their backyard. She and her husband enjoy camping, reading, playing Scrabble, day trips to the Oregon coast, and spending time with their granddaughters, grandson, and pampered feline.
When Sydell isn’t writing, she enjoys camping, walking, amateur astronomy, reading, and surfing the web. In 1987 after the publication of her first novel, she was named by the Washington County Mushaw Center, Woman of the Year in Communications.
Formerly a registered nurse, Sydell now teaches writing correspondence courses, sponsored by the Long Ridge Writer’s Institute (a home study course in writing short stories and articles) in West Redding, Connecticut.


9 thoughts on “Summer Magic by Sydell Voeller

  1. Hi Sydell, I know a former aerial artist with Ringling Bros – the circus life is interesting to say the least. I can see by your varied interests that you have lots of stories to tell. Sounds like fun!


  2. I read Summer Magic and recommend it without hesitation. It's a great read for anyone who is looking for a backstage look at the circum or who just wants an engaging love story.


  3. What an interesting setting for your story. Who hasn't entertained the idea of running away to the circus? I remember it being a toss-up between that and running away to a Kentucky horse farm when I was a kid. LOL


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