Tainted Souls by Steven J. Wangsness

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‘it started off as a simple case of murder. 
        but wasn’t.’

Detective Rick Frost washes up in the sleepy Los Angeles exurb of Santa Isidora after being cashiered by the LAPD. But beneath the cozy countryside that has made Santa Isidora a favorite of the Hollywood elite lie layers of deceit. An everyday murder investigation draws Frost into a web of corruption that stretches from the salons of Beverly Hills to the Green Zone of Baghdad and quickly pits him against powerful forces that even the Feds fear to disturb. Before it’s over, Frost will face an agonizing decision: to bring the guilty to justice, he must risk the life of the woman he loves.
What people are saying about TAINTED SOULS:
This book kicks ass.” — B.P.
“I loved it! I couldn’t put it down.”—A.S.
“A fine, surprise twist ending.”—T.S.
“Admirable… Complex plot.”—R.W.
“Fantastic… I found myself hooked.”—V.M.
“A satisfying final twist.”—P.W.
“Wonderfully descriptive.”—L.R.                                                    
“Strong writing… An enjoyable and engaging read.”—A.C
“The plot has more twists and turns than a bucket of spaghetti.”—J.S
 “I sat down to take a peek and ended up reading half of it in one sitting…. A superior piece of work.”—N.M.
TAINTED SOULS by Steven J. Wangsness – $2.99


3 thoughts on “Tainted Souls by Steven J. Wangsness

  1. I really loved this book. I'm bad with spoilers so I won't give anything away, but the synopsis provided here does a good job giving you the general idea. Unlike many writers in this genre, Wangsness does a great job with characters, dialogue, and making sure that the events — even when surprising — hang together and make some kind of sense. Since reading this book, I've read a couple of other mysteries — one was a gift, and one was at the urging of a friend who told me I "had to" read it (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) — and both those books really suffered by comparison with this one. If you like mysteries/thrillers, I think you'll like this!


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