House of Sighs by AAron Dries


A busload of captives on an express ride to terror!

It’s the summer of 1995, and the passengers of the Sunday bus into town have realized that something is very, very wrong with their driver. They don’t know that she began her day planning to kill herself. But they know that she’s threatening to kill them. They began the ride as her passengers, but now they’re her captives. She’s already shown she won’t hesitate to use that gun in her hand, and no one wants to be the next to die. They have no idea where she’s taking them, who will be left alive when they get there, or what‘s in store for the survivors. With a madwoman at the wheel, the bus has gone far off its route, deep into insanity. And for most of the passengers, the next stop will be their last.

““House of Sighs grabs you from page one and displays moments of real brilliance. It’s fast, scary and disturbing.”
–Nate Kenyon, author of Bloodstone and Sparrow Rock

“Aaron Dries’ debut pulls out all the stops in this fast-paced, gruesome story that delves into the human psyche and explores what pushes a person to commit horrific acts of violence. The villains Dries creates are incredibly realistic and absolutely terrifying. Filled with plenty of gore, enough to cause this reviewer to pause mid-page and look away, this story is not for those with a weak stomach, but will please any horror fan looking for an entirely unique, twisted tale.” 


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