Dragon Dreams by Raymond L Weil

For 2,000 years, the ageless dragon has slept. Now the ancient spell that holds the fearsome creature captive is fading. A young girl, the first sorceress to be born in generations, is all that stands between the dragon and the dragon’s unrelenting hunger for human blood.

Centuries in the past, Malcon Sylvar the greatest sorcerer of his age cast a powerful spell putting the dragon to sleep. In doing so, he died in the dragon’s lair and sorcery vanished from the world. Now Lynol is beginning to develop abilities that have been absent from her family for many long generations. She knows these new abilities have to do with sorcery.

From the ancient prophecies, she knows that sorcery will only return when it is time for the deadly dragon to awake. Lynol is not sure she wants these new powers and the overwhelming responsibilities that go along with becoming the first sorceress in her family in nearly 2,000 years. However, she may have no choice for there is no other. Somewhere in her future, the dragon awaits.

Can Lynol learn to control her new sorcery powers in time to save her best friend from being sacrificed to the dragon? Follow Lynol on her epic journey as she tries to control her new powers to her final confrontation with the most fearsome creature ever to inhabit the Earth.

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Author Bio:

I have also just finished going through Createspace and setting my book up as a paperback. I just ordered the proof last night and can’t wait to see it.
I live in Western Oklahoma and have written as a hobby since I was about fourteen years old.  As I got older, there were many nights where I stayed home and just wrote stories instead of going out on the town with my friends. I am not saying that I never went out, because even a young writer has to have some fun sometimes.
I attended college at Southwestern Oklahoma State University majoring in math with an English minor. Once I started working fulltime my writing slowed down. Both of my parents died at an early age, but fortunately I was married and managed to get through those difficult times. I lost my mother from cancer when I was 22 and my Dad from cancer when I was 30. As the years went by, my time for writing grew less as we had two wonderful children, a boy and a girl. Both children have since graduated college, and now I am the proud grandfather of three beautiful grandchildren. 
I started writing again back in 1996 and wrote two books. Dragon Dreams: Gilmreth the Awakening and Star One: Neutron Star. For most of my life when I wrote it was always science fiction, but a friend of mine dared me to write a book about a dragon, so I did! Unfortunately, she died from cancer before it was finished. I stopped writing for several years until my daughter told me about e-books, so I went back and completed Dragon Dreams.  
To sum everything up, I am 58 years old, happily married for 36 years. Father of two, and grandfather of three. I graduated from SouthwesternOklahoma State University majoring in math with a minor in English. I enjoy reading, writing and spending quality time with my family. I coached high school soccer for 13 years and enjoy working with young people. I have worked as an upper level manager in several large manufacturing firms over the years and hope to be able to retire early through my writing.


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