The Tale of Euan Redcap by David Turnbull

The Tale of Euan Redcap.

All Euan Redcap wants is not to mess things up for his sister’s birthday party. Fate, however, has different plans as he stumbles into the clutches of the crazed Mrs Zachariah, the captain of dragon ship, The Drunken Molly. Kidnapped and made to be the ship’s fetcher, Euan is forced to struggle for his survival. When Euan is used as human bait in an effort to catch the great dragon, White Sow, things go from bad to worse. Especially when Euan learns that dragons are slowly dying out, due to the dragon hunters, which will, in time, affect the very way of life of his people. How can Euan share his newfound knowledge with the world? And can he stay alive long enough?

The Tale of Euan Redcap is published on the Pixiefoot Press Imprint of Wyvern Publications. Cover illustration and illustrations throughout the book are by Seattle bases illustrator Jeff James ISBN Number – 987-0-9560363-7-7 Currently available to order from Amazon or Barnes Noble at £6.99 or $13.99 

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 David Turnbull was born in Edinburgh and grew up in the Scottish borders, an area of Britain quite similar to the Low Counties as depicted in The Tale of Euan Redcap. He now lives in South East London, His short fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies; including stories features in Mertales and Fangtales both also available from Wyvern Publications. The Tale of Euan Redcap his first published novel. He is currently working on a follow up where Euan Redcap is drawn into further adventures with Captain Zachariah and a host of new characters. 

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