All My Love, Detrick by Roberta Kagan

Set in Nazi occupied Europe, “All My Love, Detrick,” follows the lives of two families, one Jewish and one German. They are bound together forever by a forbidden love.
Excerpt: The desolation all around her touched a nerve, and she hurried to turn the corner. A soft voice whispered in her mind ‘hurry Leah, it’s not safe here.’ Her heart began to race. Sweat formed in her arm pits. Now there was no more houses only open field. Walking faster her heel hit a patch of ice. Stumbling and tripping she fell. Fortunately, she’d fallen to her left landing on a grassy surface. Nausea played havoc with her stomach as it accompanied the thumping of her heart in her eardrums. Something felt wrong.
If you like Historical Saga’s, you’ll love “All My Love, Detrick.


Meet the Author:
When I was a little girl I discovered that my mother had a black suitcase in the basement. I was forbidden to look inside. Of course, all you have to do is tell a child “NO” and the next time my mother was out, I ran downstairs and opened the suitcase. Inside I found letters they were written in a foreign language,and pictures of people I’d never met. My curiosity got the better of me, so I asked my mother what all of this was. She explained that this small bunch of paperwork was all she had left of her entire family in Germany.  For years this haunted me. Finally I began to research. I have since written several novels and short stories set in that period.
Although I never discount the horrors of the Holocaust,  and my heart goes out to the 11 million who died (Jews and non-Jews), my main goal is to bring knowledge of what happened to as wide an audience as possible. I am hoping that Jews and non-Jews alike will read my books and realize that under the skin we are all the same. We are all God’s precious children. Thanks so much for reading my work. I send you all many blessings.


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