Media in Terror by Muhammad Adeel Javaid

This book is an attempt to show that the theatrical and dramatic ways the media report terrorist acts encourage further violence. It attempts to illuminate the interdependent nature of the relationship between the media and terrorists, which should help explain or expose the conventions and narratives the media adopt in reporting terrorist acts. It is a research work and undertakes a deep study based on Case Learning Model and suggests the ways in which the media should cover such activities and defines the Do’s and Don’ts for covering such events. The Arab world is considered as a menace by most of the western media who are reluctant to create a balanced image of the Arabs and sometimes the heroes of today becomes terrorists of tomorrow. It is quite necessary that the media should play a balanced role and should try to give a balanced coverage of events to avoid prejudice because they are no doubt the oracle of our time.

About Author
Muhammad Adeel Javaid is a Bureaucrat. He has served in the power corridors in various positions including Public Relations Officer to the President of Pakistan and Public Relations Officer to various Ministers and Ministers of State He has worked with international media persons from over 30 countries of world. He is an experienced media manager. 

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