The Chosen by Andrea Buginsky

Halli is a shy, young dwarf who has no idea of her true calling.  When the evil Prince Gastle sets out to detroy the world of Phantasma, Queen Laurali of the Elves comes to tell Halli she’s a Holy Paladin with the power to heal, and will join The Chosen, a group of brave warriors being sent to defeat the evil beast and save Phantasma.  Will Halli be accepted by her group, and be able to keep them alive through their adventures?  Will the evil Prince Gastle be defeated, freeing Phantasma from his destruction?  Only time will tell.

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Author Bio: Andrea Buginsky

I have enjoyed writing since I was a kid.  When I got to college, I decided to turn it into a career, and earned my BA in Journalism.  I have been freelance writing for several years now.
 I have always wanted to write a book, and decided I wanted to write for children.  I love fantasy movies like “The Lord of the Rings” and “Harry Potter,” so I decided to try my hand at writing one of my own.  I am very excited to announce my first publication, “The Chosen,” a young adult fantasy I worked on for about three years.
I live in the Tampa Bay, FL area, where I grew up.  I am originally from NJ.

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