Fezariu’s Epiphany by David M. Brown

Fezariu’s Epiphany, David M. Brown: “The White Oak, Clarendon’s oldest brothel, lured and destroyed men by the thousands. Fezariu was different. He had never been drawn by the White Oak’s vices but the brothel had still ruined him when he was just a boy. Salvation came in the form of the Merelax Mercenaries – Elenchera’s most prestigious hired hands. They gave Fezariu the chance to escape from his past. Immersed in the world of dangerous assignments in the colonies Fezariu longed to forget everything about his childhood but only in facing the past would he ever be free of it.”

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Author bio: “David has spent ten years compiling a thorough history of Elenchera, including 47,000 years of events, 500 maps and over 2,000 pages.  However, he’s keen to do something new with fantasy fiction and uses the fantasy world as a backdrop to stories that – he hopes – anyone will enjoy.  David lives in Huddersfield with his wife and 6 rescue cats and admits he was inspired to write fantasy after playing Final Fantasy games!

Author blog (http://blog.elenchera.com


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