Volunteer for Glory by Alice Lynn

Published on the anniversary of the Civil War, Alice Lynn’s Volunteer for Glory is a timely read. Lynn’s interest in the Civil War was sparked after dreaming of a beautiful girl and the two men who loved her. A common enough theme, but was it enough for a book? The sticking point was the background. When her characters proved resistant to relocating to another place and time, she decided to do some research.

 When a graduate student in military history took her to the library at Portland State Univeristy, 
she gained access to The Official Records of the War Between the States. Several history books later, the hook was set.
 Battle scenes were written with books and maps spread over the room, so that troop movements could be plotted with accuracy.  Of course, her characters and their regiments were fictional, but they were attached to real life commanders. And it was vitally important that justice be done to these bloody struggles. 
 The heroine’s life also profited from the research and the exploration of a woman’s struggle when her husband is at war, and she finds that her heart is divided as well.
The result is Volunteer for Glory

When Stuart, Rachel’s husband, joins the volunteer cavalry, she will have to find the grit and determination to survive on the small Illinois farm.  What she doesn’t expect is to fall in love with Jared Westbrook, a handsome neighbor. United in war, the two men are divided by love for the same woman. Who will Rachel choose?  Or will the war itself make the decision for her?

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Author’s bio:
Alice’s writing background includes features for local newspapers and poetry published in magazines such as The Archer, Runestones, and Up The Wall, Mother. She received a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Marylhurst University in 1999.  Alice lives with her husband Bill, their four cats, and the occasional stray peacock in Beaver Creek, Oregon in the United States.

6 thoughts on “Volunteer for Glory by Alice Lynn

  1. This book is a great read. I love how Rachel went from being an inexperienced, city-raised woman to finding grit to run her farm while her husband was away at war.


  2. To say I appreciate your comments is an understatement. I realize I'm late in saying this but never received a notice when your remarks were posted. Belatedly, Lisa, LJ, Ev,and Glynis, thank you. (A sequel, Ev? I have thought of that.)Alice Lnn


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