The Bridges We Burn by B.D. Earl

Daniel Vinson Cambridge wanted nothing more than to skip his HS years and just go straight into college. But like it or not he was here. And ever since he walked threw the front doors of Avion Legacy High School, life has been hitting him head on. But trying to survive high school was just the start of his problems. 

Dan moves along while trying deal with the jocks using him for target practice, his personal feelings for the school sweetheart, his internal brokenness about his ex, and his hatred for his older brother. Dealing with a this an more, Dan will try to conquer the challenge that is high school, or be crushed under the weight.

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B. D. Earl is a born and raised New Orleanian but moved to Texas after the storm. Along with attending college as an English major, directing films for Knocked Silly Pictures and vlogging, he writes young adult fiction and coming-of-age tales.
His first book The Bridges We Burn, which is about a young man navigating the drama and confusion that is high school, is already out in kindle format. He is currently working on a new book, The Nobodies, will be out within the year.
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