Infinite Possibilities: Chronicles by Joe Pranaitis

Joe Pranaitis’ Infinite Possibilities: Chronicles, Volume One: 2853-2857 is first-rate sci-fi suspense. It’s the 29th Century and 94 percent of the galaxy has been explored and conquered. The Starship Lionheart, along with other massive space vessels, travels through time continuums and parallel universes. June 2853: The Starship Lionheart enters a parallel universe and fights the Grey Empire. Shortly after, the entire crew is blown out of that universe and into our present one, after destroying their foe. Captain Bontrk, who is a 820 year-old Mudisan and veteran of the S’Phere War, commands the Starship. Along with his first officer John MacLeod and seasoned crew at the helm, the vessel sets out on another mission. Discovering a space station in orbit around a second Earth, the Lionheart will embark on a perilous journey that will nearly take their lives and prove to be a battle to the death. Who will win power over the galaxy and what old enemies will Bontrk and MacLeod face during their mission? Joe Pranaitis’ novel is a rare treat for Trekkie and fantasy fans. Spanning a period of five years, it’s filled with strong, believable characters, an action packed plot, and the universal theme of good versus evil. Science fiction fans will anxiously await the sequels in Pranaitis’ sci-fi series.
Infinite Possibilities: Chronicles Vol.2: 2858-2862
It’s the 29th century and the voyages of the starship Lionheart continue. This volume covers the years 2858-2862 a period of five years where we see the Lionheart head deeper into the unknown systems and during the first two years they are pulled into a small civil war within the Pirate Republic. Later they run into a nebula that has the last remaining Grays in this universe before returning home. Once home they deal with the tensions between the Dragon Empire and the Cenlen Federation before being christened the flagship of the Judicial Overseers of the Galaxies and dealing with a colony civil war then falling into a S’Phere trap
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