Elijah by Matt Schorr

One Lord.
One faith.
One Baptist.

These are the dictates that rule Antioch, a small, rural community tucked away in the hills of Kentucky. There is no dissension. No discord or strife. All of Antioch’s citizens gather each week without fail at one church. One church and no other: ChristPoint.

The Rev. John Joshua Hutchinson serves as pastor for the church and indeed the entire community. As Antioch’s sole spiritual leader, he holds near-absolute power over all who live there.

But that’s about to change.

A mysterious stranger is about to enter Antioch, an unassuming man with incredible power all his own. His name is Elijah, and he wields a power like no one in history–save one.

But who is he?
What is he?
Can he be trusted?

Elijah’s presence will challenge not only the power Rev. Hutchinson holds over Antioch, but also the mindsets of everyone in his community.


It’s currently available in hardcopy and ebook formats through Amazon

Also directly via author website, lonecoyoteproductions.com


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