Living With The Dead: With Spring Comes The Fall by Joshua Guess

When violent attacks began to happen in southern Ohio, most people just sighed and went about their day, sure that it was simply another sign of how society was spiraling downward. When it was revealed that those attacks involved people biting and eating other people, most people tried not to think about it. Some folks, though, had an idea what was going on. All around the country, small groups were quietly stocking up for a long, hard spring. 

In Frankfort, Kentucky, one zombie geek watched news reports of the first attacks and realized that the impossible might be happening right in front of him. Feeling like an idiot, albeit a terrified idiot, Josh Guess set to fortifying his home and protecting his loved ones…just in case. 

Living With the Dead: With Spring Comes The Fall is the collected first six months of a real-time blog chronicling the daily struggle that comes with living in the zombie apocalypse. It is a continuing story of survival and hope, following Josh and the people he gathers around him as they are confronted with impossible choices, violent opposition, and the endless swarms of the living dead. 

Come along, and watch how the world and the survivors in it must change and grow. In a world of the dead, the only choice is to learn how to truly live. 
Image of "Joshua Guess"


Joshua Guess (Born 1982) is a part time writer with aspirations of turning his dream into a career. His current available works include collections of his experimental blog Living With the Dead, a serialized tale of life and living in a world overrun by the walking dead.
Currently working on the final revision of his first full length novel, Mr. Guess lives in Frankfort Ky with his wife Jessica, their two dogs, three cats, and two ferrets, and works as a Nurse’s Aide.

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