Not Nice by Annetta Ribken

A collection of flash fiction depicting a look at the various emotional landscapes of human nature through narrative and fantasy elements, “Not Nice” has been likened to eating a “jalepeno-laced jelly doughnut”. You’ll gasp, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry…and you will think about the people around you in a whole new light.
“Annetta isn’t the kind of writer that lets you get comfortable, which is how it should be. The book you hold in your hands is a sort of jalepeno-laced jelly doughnut, meant to be both savored and feared. You’ll want to take small bites, just in case, because while Annetta may be one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met, (turn the book over and check out her picture on the back cover; go ahead, seriously, do it now) her stories are dangerous.”

~Joseph Paul Haines, Introduction

These stories encompass a wide range of the human experience, from marital strife to a bedtime story for children to the madness of a psychopathic killer. The author takes you on a journey, peels away the mask, and what you see will change the way you look at the people around you.
“The contrast of imagery with situation is disturbing and addictive. A woman washing dishes, a single drop of blood, and a repeating phrase. Alone, not compelling or creepy. Together, and in this author’s hands, they come together through the alchemy of her writing to affect you as the reader in a variety of ways.”
~~Joshua Guess, Author of “Living With the Dead”
“These are not hearts-and-flowers, happily-ever-after, Lassie-saves-Timmy stories. Annetta Ribken escorts you deep into the twisted, cobwebby parts of her characters’ minds… and if you’re very good and don’t make any sudden moves, she’ll bring you back out again. Probably. But these stories will stay with you for a long, long time.”
~~Lori Cunningham Whitwam, Author of “Make or Break”


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