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‘”The Visit” is a collection of short stories beautifully crafted and carefully written. Set in Peru, and New York, they portray the precarious lives of heroic people who share with us their sublime, enchanted version of the American Dream. These are characters with a heart, who open before us an in- depth vision of what it takes to be courageously human, with a genuine aspiration to personify their own, unique truth. They simply clamor for love and our compassionate recognition of their spiritual longings, their rightful, existential validation in an often frenzied and violent world.’

The Chemical Carousel by Dirk Hanson

What Science Tells Us About Beating Addiction

The Chemical Carousel is an in-depth look at addiction science and medical treatments for drug dependence and alcoholism. An experienced science and business journalist, author Dirk Hanson brings a complex and widely misunderstood subject out of the shadows and into the light of understanding.

In this groundbreaking and highly readable examination of addiction science and the biological, emotional, and scientific underpinnings of substance abuse, The Chemical Carousel breaks through the myths, while presenting the surprising and cutting-edge facts about addiction and its medical origins.

Hanson leaves no stone unturned in this invaluable examination of why people become addicted.

Available at Amazon, Alibris, AbeBooks, and Booksurge
ISBN-13 978-1439212998
$20.95 Trade Paperback

Addiction Inbox blog

Addiction Blog

No PC, no, GPS, no phone. Those were the good ole days! When I ventured onto my Yamaha 650 for a 4,000 mile, one week adventure, little did I realize what would I would learn.
Each chapter is a ‘day’ of the week, thus 7 chapters. While my fellow pharmacy students were on a school sponsored drug trip to the mid-west to see how pharmaceuticals were made, I took my own drug trip. Without even a map, I ventured out and found that you really can’t judge a book by it’s cover (though I hope you like Drug Trip’s cover!). Nicely dressed folks tried to rob or kill me, while a greasy gang member was the one of the ones to help me.
Written in an unusual line of consciousness style, once you delve into it you’ll find it a light, humorous book. I’ve taken my Drug Trip, have you taken yours?

The book can be ordered through Raven House Publishing, Longefllow books in Monument Square Portland, ME, and at Borders in S. Portland, ME, and


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