The Study Train By Kurt Frenier

The StudyTrain
Kurt Frenier
About five hundred years ago, Master Magician Mikhail Pilkington III created a magical train, the StudyTrain. His vision: to take average teens on board, show them the world, and turn them into world leaders.
Today, Ethan gets invited on this train, escaping his miserable life in Switzerland. Soon, he discovers that this train is all but ordinary. It is filled with magic, people with interesting histories, secrets, and more. The train flies through the skies visiting all major cities in the world.
Ethan’s intrigue and hunger for knowledge and power catch the attention of a hidden, ancient alliance called the Untouchables. Soon Ethan learns all their secrets, magic, and sorcery. He stands out and gets recognized as their long-awaited leader.
But his dark side, The Dark Fire Inside, grows and becomes much stronger than anyone thought it would.
Ethan gets sucked into a web of ancient conflicts and feuds while battling his own inner feelings.
Will he go for power or turn to good?

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Kurt Frenier

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