Sounds of Murder by Patricia Rockwell

Sounds of Murder tells a tale of academic intrigue and death.  

 At Grace University, a small southern college, no one in the Psychology Department likes Charlotte Clark, so no one is particularly upset when she is found murdered in the department’s million-dollar computer lab.  But because she discovered the body, Associate Professor Pamela Barnes feels obligated to find Charlotte’s killer, and when she discovers a recording of the murder that was accidentally produced during Charlotte’s struggle with the killer, she begins her own investigation.  Along the way, Pamela agonizes with her own conscience, fights her growing fear, attempts to understand her mysterious Department Chair, keeps her curious colleagues informed, placates her protective husband, and avoids antagonizing a local rube detective who belittles her efforts–all while she struggles to make sense of the sounds on the recording. As she gets deeper and deeper into her analysis—trying to connect what she hears in the recording with sounds from people (and potential killers) around her–she gets closer and closer to the killer, who unbeknownst to her, is observing Pamela’s efforts and resolving to stop her.  

Patricia Rockwell has spent most of her life teaching.  From small liberal arts colleges to large regional research universities—and even a brief stint in a high school–her background in education is extensive.  Her Bachelors’ and Masters’ degrees are from the University of Nebraska, and her Ph.D. is from the University of Arizona.  She was on the faculty at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for thirteen years, retiring in 2007.  Her publications are extensive, with over 20 peer-reviewed articles in scholarly journals, several textbooks, and a research book on her major interest area of sarcasm, published by Edwin Mellen Press.  In addition to publications, she has presented numerous papers at academic conferences, and served for eight years as Editor of the Louisiana Communication Journal.  Her research focuses primarily on several areas of communication:  deception, sarcasm, and vocal cues.  Dr. Rockwell is presently living in Aurora, Illinois, with her husband Milt, also a retired educator.  SOUNDS OF MURDER is her first novel.
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