Lessons From An Evil Mind by Shawna Lynn

” Lessons from an Evil mind” Series

 “Lessons from and Evil Mind was passed along to me as a suggested read. Although I love fantasy and science fiction books, horror fantasy isn’t really one of my favorite genres. I begin reading this tale and found it difficult, sometimes impossible to turn away from it. It’s disturbing! It’s evil! But you find yourself engrossed and bound by the thing that will next happen to this tortured women, this poor, lost soul.

Writing in “first person,” I hear is one of the most difficult styles there is, but the author does an admirable job in her first novel. Pick up a copy and be ready for a frightfully gruesome and bumpy ride!”

 “Lessons from an Evil Mind” 

My life is something that I have always cherished. But for the past three years is something that I pray will fade.

My body is weak and my soul weaker, and I find myself unsure how much more pain and torture I can take.
Often I wonder what my life would be like if I had allowed someone to be with on my wedding day. Would I be with the one I love? Or has it always been my destiny to live with the evil that now binds me to this dungeon?
All questions that may never be answered.
My body cringes as once again I hear the footsteps of my captor.
He is coming closer to the door! As fast as my weakened body will allow, I run to the middle of the room to take my position. This is not an option; you must be sitting on your knees, hands tucked within your lap, and head faced down. If you are not in this position, you will be taught a lesson . . . a lesson you don’t want to learn.
His hot breath on my neck indicates that I have broken a rule.
My body and mind – now in complete fear; I sit and await the wrath I know mind can handle.
Screaming only within myself, I leave my fear unseen, unheard.

The Unknown

As I rise from my afternoon nap, I peak out the window that over-looks the yard. It’s a small window, but it’s the only window in this dreadful place and I am happy to have it. At one time the window was not blocked, however, now the entrance to the window is covered in sharp shards of glass cemented into the concrete around it, allowing only a small dim of light to seep through the grime and filth that layers the glass. I guess this is to ensure I never try to escape again.

With my weakened body, I slowly crawl on top of an old, broken table, so I am able to get a better look outside. I am just tall enough to see over the barricade in front of the window. It looks like a nice day. I try to guess the season. It looks like fall, as I can see a few orange leaves on the ground that has fallen from the tree that sits outside my window. The sun peeks through just enough that a pin-size ray of light hits my hand. I move my bruised hand around as I watch the light dance around, causing the multiple colors of my abused skin to stand out from the milky white flesh that remains untouched by his abuse. Oh, how I crave the sunshine and wind on my face and await the day I can feel it once again.

I hear the basement door open, the feeling of peace and contentment comes to an abrupt end.

I turn with the intensions of jumping from the table, the weakened legs of the table buckles beneath it and I find myself plummeting to the floor.

He is here!

I rise as fast as my sore, weak legs will allow me and run to the middle of the floor, preparing for the wrath I know he is about to put upon me!

I hear his voice. My skin begins to crawl and my head twirl, making it difficult to think. My heart pounds faster and faster, until it feels like it is going to explode out of my chest. I wonder what will happen to me this time, what sort of punishment I will have to endure. His footsteps come closer to the door and I become tense. I want to scream, but I cannot.

He is now at the door!

I scream within myself as I hear the handle on the door begin to jiggle.

To read more about the book and author or to purchase a copy of the book, visit the author’s website HERE


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