I laid an Egg on Aunt Ruth’s Head by Joel Schnoor

Whether she is flying a fighter jet, outwitting a dangerous bank robber, walking a tightrope with her pet elephant Binky, or traveling to sixteenth century Italy in a time machine, Aunt Ruth takes the reader on one adventure after another. During the course of her adventures, Aunt Ruth encounters and struggles with myriad grammatical and usage difficulties with the English language. In a clean, humorous, and family friendly style, Joel Schnoor’s stories will leave you rolling on the floor and will answer those nauseating English questions at the same time.

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About the author:

Joel Schnoor combines a love of language with an easy going conversational style, resulting in work that has been compared to Thurber and Wodehouse. His style might best be summed up as wholesome humor without the biting sarcasm.

Joel and his wife live in North Carolina, where they are homeschooling their four kids. In addition to being a husband and an involved father of four, Joel is an active member of his church, a tuba player, and a football coach. He loves God, his family, writing, Nebraska football, and chocolate.

Receiving his undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska and his graduate degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Joel is a software developer by day and a writer by night.

6 thoughts on “I laid an Egg on Aunt Ruth’s Head by Joel Schnoor

  1. Hi Louie,I did a write-up about Joel's excellent book and was delighted to find your review here.His book should be required reading for all students!I'm sure "Aunt Ruth" will teach many about grammar.


  2. Hi all!Thanks for the words of encouragement. The intent was for the book to be approachable by anyone from late grade school up through adult.As two points of reference, I received phone calls last night from two people who have read the book. One was from an adult friend of my parents, and he said he hasn't been able to stop laughing. The other was from my 10 year old niece (an avid reader) who read the book from cover to cover and is demanding a sequel. She loved it.Most of the humor is accessible to all. My own 10 year old son has become a "Grammar Policeman" and now takes pride in pointing out grammar errors committed by our friends and relatives, much to their delight of course (ha ha).Anyway, I hope y'all enjoy it!Regards,Joel Schnoor


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